Meetings of the Arab Iron & Steel Union

Upon invitation from the Arab Iron & Steel Union, the AFEI representative Mr.Mutassem Daaboul attended the BOD meeting no. 107.

The meeting agenda included latest updates in the steel manufacturing sector on the arab and international levels, and the establishment of a regional office for the union in the Gulf.

The attendees focused on the need for coordination and integration amongst the producers of steel to face the challenge that resulted from the increase of the raw material prices which impacted the cost of production. The chairman of the board emphasized the need to intensify the R&D activities toward making use of the local raw material and developing the production technology in order to reduce the cost of production.

The topic of including Carbon emissions reduction programs and energy conservation measures within the future plans for the production facilities was promoted.


Workshop on “Protecting the Arab industry within the framework of WTO rules”

In cooperation with the Ministry of Trade and Industry in Egypt, Studies, Research and Training Center – CAEU organized a workshop titled “Protecting the Arab industry within the framework of WTO rules”.

The objective of the workshop is to introduce to factories operating in Egypt the services of ANTI-DUMPING, SUBSIDIES, & SAFEGUARD DEPARTMENT which help in limiting the impact on local industry resulting from the application of WTO rules.

Following the official opening, the first session was dedicated to representatives of manufacturers and Arab federations’ explanations of the problems that their industries are facing as a result of applying the WTO rules. The workshop covered in details the procedures for filling in the complaint application.

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Workshop agenda



Meeting of the Arab Council for Economic Unity #94

Upon invitation from the general secretariat of the CAEU, representatives of AFEI participated in the regular meeting /94/ where the Jordanian representative became the chairman of the Council for the next term.

One of the topics presented to the Council was the evaluation study of Arab sectoral federations working under its umbrella that was conducted by its general secretariat. The Council appreciated the efforts of its general secretariat in preparing the study, and decided to assign to the general secretariat the task to review the position of these federations and their regional offices, and to postpone the publication of the information booklet of the federations until after clarifying the position of some federations.

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BOD Meeting of the Arab Iron & Steel Union

Upon invitation from the Arab Iron & Steel Union, AFEI representative attended the BOD meeting no. 104.

The board got updates from its members about the impact of the political situations on the manufacturers in Libya, Egypt, and Syria.

AISU BOD discussed about the reluctance of some members to pay membership fees, and decided to discuss suggestions to handle this issue from members through email, then to amend the bylaw accordingly.

It was agreed to hold the next BOD meeting in Tunisia on Nov. 2012.

The final activity was a field visit to the new facilities of SULB factories in Al-Had industrial zone.

Downloadable files:

Program, Press release

assessment arab

Assessment of the role of sectoral Arab federations in the joint Arab work

Founded on the believe of CAEU General Secretariat in the role of sectoral Arab federations in the joint Arab work, and the assignment of the CAEU to conduct an assessment study for the existing federations, the General Secretariat at CAEU circulated a questionnaire that allows to show the accomplishments of these federations appropriately in the assessment.

The data was collected in cooperation between the regional office in Cairo and the regional office in Damascus under the supervision of the AFEI board.

Information was sent to the CAEU General Secretariat enclosed with a formal letter from AFEI at the beginning of March.

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Letter from CAEU

picture article

Meeting of the Civil Societies at the Economic & Social Council / LAS

In response to the invitation of the General Secretariat of League of Arab States (LAS), AFEI delegation attended the meeting that was organized by the Observatory of Civil Societies and Professional Associations Dept. to discuss the activation of civil society institutions role (an observer in the Economic and Social Council) in the joint arab work.

Attendees discussed the draft results of the assessment study carried out by the General Secretariat / LAS on the role of Arab civil society institutions in the joint Arab work.

Representatives of the civil society institutions also discussed their proposals to activate the role of their institutions in the field of humanitarian aid.

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Annual meeting of the Arab Sectoral Federations no. 39

Annual meeting of the Arab Sectoral Federations no. 39

AFEI delegation participated in the meeting that was held under the patronage of HE the Lebanese Minister of Economy and Trade and attended by chairmen and general secretaries of the Arab Sectoral Federations as well as business men and women.

Participants discussed ways of exploiting the newly established divisions of the Arab Sectoral Federations in monitoring the implementation of the recommendations of regular meetings and conferences. A recommendation was approved to invite the elected chairmen of the five divisions to offer a study about the federations within each division in preparation for the Economic Summit that will be held in 2013.

Attendees emphasized the need for the General Secretariat of CAEU to coordinate with the Arab Fund for Economic & Social Development in order to organize a meeting with the Arab federations to discuss cooperation with the private sector in activating the financing of enterprises from the Arab SMEs Fund.

It was agreed to hold the next annual meeting of the federations in November 2012.

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First Private Sector Consultation Meeting

AFEI representative participated in the first consultation meeting for the private sector that was organized by CAEU with the aim to discuss ways of responding to the changing context in the Arab region and the challenge of promoting inter-Arab countries investments.

Representatives of the sectroal federations in the council, and a group of Arab businessmen and investors joined the meeting.

A distinguished idea that was discussed in the meeting is that the issue of unemployment in the Arab countries (especially Egypt) is actually an issue of unskilled workforce; and the solution lies in Education & Training.