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logo - Madar Alu

Madar Aluminium L.L.T

Madar Aluminum is specialized in producing aluminum Profiles since1993. Its sister companies are specialized in glass, shutters, and aluminum...

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Logo - Midal Cable

Midal Cables

Midal Cables Limited was established in 1977 conceived between Intersteel, Bahrain and Olex Cables, Australia to manufacture Aluminium Rod and Overhead Electrical Transmission ...

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Lematic Lebanon

Lematic S.A.L

Lematic is an international company that is specialized in the production of refrigerators and household appliances industries. The company is now one of the major producers of appliances...

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logo - Canex

CANEX Aluminum

CANEX Aluminum is specialized in producing Aluminum Profiles since 2013. The production capacity is 20,000 tons per annum. Its sister companies

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logo - Alhafez Est

Mhd. Said AL-Hafez Establishment

Mhd. Said Al-Hafez Establishment, launched in 1969, is specialized in the maintenance and distribution of refrigerators and household appliances.

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logo - Taybah

Taybah For Metal Industries

Taybah Group was launched in 2008 to be one of the leading enterprises in the industrial sector, not only in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan but in the region as a whole.

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Logo - Dassouki

AL Dassouki Group Moulinex AL Manara

Al-Manara company was established on the middle of 1968. The company invented a new kind of furniture of steel covered with plastic, it is called (plastskin). This type...

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Logo - Madar-Egypt


MADAR EGYPT is an international company specialized in building and decoration materials. It is one of the pioneering companies in the Middle East to produce Aluminium Rolling Shutter.

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Logo - Alhafez

Al-Hafez Company for Refrigerators and Household Equipment

The company was established in the early 1930s, and in 1951, the founder of the company, Hajj Ihsan Al-Hafez (GRHS)...

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Logo - Orbit

Orbit Aluminum Industries

Orbit Aluminum Industries specialize in the production of customized Architectural material used in Aluminum Building Structures, Corporate ID & signage, as well as ...

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logo - Philadelphia

Philadelphia solar

Philadelphia Solar is a Tier-1 solar panels manufacturer based in Jordan, it was established in 2007 with a built-up area of 14,200 squared meters and a current investment of 165 million USD.

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Logo - Exceed

Exeed Electronics

Exeed Electronics is a unique OEM manufacturing complex located in Amman, Jordan, specializing in Home Appliances manufacturing.

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logo - Madar Glass

Madar Glass

Madar Glass Company was established in 1997. It specializes in the production of insulated, tempered, laminated and bullet-proof double glazing, in addition to glass processing...

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Logo - RAMCO

Kasem Group for Industrial Engineering

Kasem Group for Engineering Industries, established in 1993, specialized in electric household appliances.

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logo - Baldawi

Thabit albaldawi for aluminum Co.

We are a pioneering company in the aluminum industry, founded by the distinguished industrialist, the late Thabet Al-Baldawi (former member of the Board of Directors).

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Logo - Ahram SG

AHRAM Security Group

“When we started Ahram, we could barely make 10 locks a day. Today we produce more than 10 million locks a year.”

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Hady Meiser Logo

Hady MEISER Egypt

The Multi M Group with its headquarters in Cairo is a successful and traditional family business. Approximately 1,000 employees manufacture a wide range of products with the focus on ...

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Logo - Allweiler

Allweiler-Farid Hassanein

Allweiler-Farid Pumps is a joint venture with the German worldwide known pump manufacturer ALLWEILER GmbH which is a member of the Colfax Fluid Handling and the Egyptian “Farid ...

Logo - MOHM

MOHM Furniture

Engineers Abdel Hady Abdel Moneim and Samy Fahim launched the business that would become Mohm in 1974. From humble beginnings in a rented workshop...

Logo - ZMC


We are Misr compressor Manufacturing Co. (MCMC) a Company established in 1988, dedicated to manufacturing of hermetic compressors for household refrigeration industry.

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