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Thabit Albaldawi for Aluminum.

We are a pioneering company in the aluminum industry, founded by the distinguished industrialist, the late Thabet Al-Baldawi (former member of the Board of Directors).

Since 1970, we have provided the best aluminum systems for the Iraqi home and Iraqi developed projects and services. And we have participated in developing the aluminum industry in Iraq with the reputable Iraqi scientific universities and efficient engineering departments in the formations of Iraqi ministries.

We produced safety solutions in the use of aluminum and glass, heavy weight solutions, and external insulation guarantees with Iraqi hands and expertise according to superior specifications, multiple forms, and many uses.

We are always interested in providing international aluminum with Iraqi manufacture and specifications.

Country Iraq
Company Representative Alkararr Thabit Albaldawi
Job Title Managing Director
Postal Address P.O.Box 2047, Jaderai, Baghdad

0096418182158 / 0096418865086 / 0096418154537