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Mhd. Said AL-Hafez Establishment.

Al-Manara company was established on the middle of 1968. The company invented a new kind of furniture of steel covered with plastic, which is called (plastskin). This type of furniture was unknown in Syria. At that time, the company also designed American-style kitchens and ovens.

To improve its production, the company started manufacturing ventilators with their electric motors thus the company was the first in Syria in producing shaded-pole motors. At the same time, the company made a deal with an Italian company to produce electric heating stoves, hot irons and hairdryers.

On 23ed of November 1999 Moulinex company was established and it was the first one in Syria that took the agency from the French Molinex company to produce a great number of its products.

In 2000, both companies were united under one name, AL-DASSOUKI GROUP. The group includes the following factories:

  • Al-Dassouki group for fans (18 inch).
  • Al-Manara for ventilators with 18 types of ventilators.
  • Moulinex for producing and trading.
  • ISI SHAH and it is the first and the only factory in Syria that produces heating resistances.
Country SYRIA
Company Representative Abdul Aziz Aldassouki
Job Title General Manager
Postal Address P.O.Box 51, Damascus


00963112255184 / 00963115855111