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Al-Hafez for Refrigerators & Household Equipment.

The company was established in the early 1930s, and in 1951, the founder of the company, Hajj Ihsan Al-Hafez (PBUH), started producing household refrigerators. Al-Hafez produced the first household refrigerator in the Middle East in the late 1950s.

Al-Hafez Company strives to keep pace with the development of refrigerators and  household industries, and it meets all the quality requirements related to performance and safety. It obtained the ISO 9000 for its quality management system, and its products are CE certified, to assure the consumers’ safety and environment-friendliness, conforming to the European ICE and EN standards. Al-Hafez Company is TUV certified for meeting safety and security requirements.

The company is involved in local and international endeavors for environmental protection; specifically, the issue is abandoning Freon and replacing it with environment-friendly gases.

The company conducts all quality control processes for its products with great care and diligence throughout the production line. Various examination and testing labs have been established to meet the necessary efficiency requirements by providing the most advanced and accurate measuring devices, operated by highly skilled and qualified technicians.

Following the international trend of saving energy, Al-Hafez Company incorporated a smart inverter compressor that is characterized by low noise, voltage stability and high efficiency and achieved 60% to 65% of the annual energy consumption.

Country Syria
Company Representative Adel Al-Suleiman Al-Salieby
Job Title Delegated Manager
Postal Address P.O.Box 958, Damascus, Syria