6th Arab Forum on SMEs2012

6th Arab Forum on SMEs

AFEI delegation participated in the 6th Arab Forum on SMEs which tackled the important role of SMEs in employment (the priority in the region currently), the importance of capacity building to support SMEs competitiveness, and some experiences from the Arab countries in developing SMEs.

AFEI presented a paper titled “AFEI approach to supporting SMEs” as an example of a SMEs support programs. The paper highlighted the need for professional/business associations to engage in charity measures only through a specialized organization and transparently in order to earn the trust of the governmental sector.

One of the distinguished ideas discussed was the importance of offering technical support to SMEs alongside the financing. The forum recommended working on simplifying the administrative procedures for firms, and establishing & supporting incubators in the Arab countries as a tool for creating job opportunities.

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4th meeting mena

4th meeting of MENA-OECD Working Group 2 on SME Policy, Entrepreneurship and Human Capital Development

The meeting, “Beyond the crisis: Supporting Young Enterprise”, examined the role of direct and indirect policies to support entrepreneurs through their first three years of development.

Hosted by the OECD in partnership with the Tunisian Ministry of Development and International Cooperation, the event brought together dignitaries and distinguished speakers, and high-level experts, and private sector representatives from MENA and OECD countries. Over 100 policy-makers, representatives of international organizations, local stakeholders and the donor community met to debate how public policy can promote entrepreneurship and support young enterprises in the MENA region.

The meeting enclosed a review of Entrepreneurs and SMEs policies, and It also included a round table discussion, where the delegates of the Working Group presented the last developments in the policies of SMEs.

Sessions on the second day revolved around the role of public policy in influencing the choices of individuals to undertake venture entrepreneurship, and discussed in detail the areas of assistance that can be made in the establishment phase such as training activities, special services at the local level, schemes of finance, incubators, and accompanied programs. The last two sessions discussed the special needs in the phase of establishment of innovative SMEs which require a different set of supportive measures in both the public and private sectors to meet the technical difficulties and financial constraints. They also included an explanation of required policy tools to facilitate the process of transformation from young enterprises to growing enterprises.

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