Young Industrialists Committee meeting

The Young Industrialists committee held its first meeting at Daaboul Industrial Group where it was agreed that the educational goal is “how to benefit from the accumulated experience and incorporate new ideas” which can be achieved through field visits to member companies in the host country on the sidelines of the meetings, and inviting an expert/member to present a useful real case. It was also agreed that the marketing goal will be achieved through enriching the website and continuous updating of content.

Attendees discussed the future vision of AFEI (as a common factor for all activities undertaken by the federation), namely, the willingness to work for the common good. They asserted the need to emphasize that the prerequisite for joining the federation is the will to contribute, give, and cooperate in working for the common good.

To establish good practice in the committee meetings, an invitation was sent to the project manager of SMEs Support Program at SEBC to join the meeting where he gave a presentation about the private sector support programs implemented by the centre and funded by the EU.

Downloadable files:

Agenda, Presentation of SEBC/SSP SMEs Support

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