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To be an active force for economic and professional development in our Arab countries, this will have a positive impact on the social development.


The Federation is an association of Arab countries' employers operating in the sector of engineering industries

Which aims at contributing to defending the interests of member companies within the framework of society public interest in all forums and through: coordination and active participation in issues related to plans and programs of economic and professional developments in the Arab countries, capacity building to achieve impact and effectiveness in these fields, upgrading the industries to the international level of competitiveness, and strengthening the capacities of young industrialists.


Provide a regional platform for:

Building relationships that are based on trust in knowledge and professionalism with governmental bodies in our Arab countries (including the League of Arab States and the Council of Economic Unity…etc.), with employers' organizations, and with specialized scientific, professional, and sectoral organizations in the Arab world and on the int'l level.

Establishing alliances with national/regional/international organizations and other sectoral associations to achieve effectiveness and efficiency in realizing our mission.

Playing an active role in strengthening efforts of economic, social, and professional development in general, and supporting efforts of developing the business environment and infrastructure (quality - education & training -...) in the Arab countries in particular.


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    The Arab Union of Engineering Industries

    To develop the industry of the future

    The Federation is an association of employers from Arab countries working in the engineering industries sector that aims to contribute to defending the interests of member companies within the framework of the general interest of society in all forums.