Meeting of the AFEI strategic vision formulation working group

A proposal for the vision was developed through electronic communications and smaller meetings in the working group. Then, the meeting was held to agree on the final formulation of the vision and send results to the BOD.

In a context of free expression of opinions, the focus of the meeting was to define the vision and mission of AFEI as a base for attracting distinguished companies to become members.

The presentation showed that the starting point in formulating the vision is that AFEI is an organization that represents companies and provides a structure/mechanism for lobbying in order to enable them to have an impact on policies, legislations, systems, standards and programs that tackles the business environment, and to participate in planning, implementing, and monitoring economic development plans in the respective countries.

According to the attendees, the starting point of the vision is that AFEI is one of the organizations that represent interests of companies; but AFEI will be among the effective ones in order to have a voice and impact in economic & social development.

Finally, some ideas on how to interpret the strategic vision (organizational structure) were discussed, and the necessary activities after approving the vision were identified.

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