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AFEI BOD Meeting

AFEI BOD meeting #51 was conducted in Kuwait in response to the kind invitation from Mr.Mhd. Ali Naqi/board member.

Attendees approved the proposed amendments of some articles of the AFEI bylaw and decided to present them to the general assembly on 11/5/2008.

The BOD members discussed the memo forwarded from Member of the Board/Mr.Hamid Zayani concerning the development of the financing of AFEI, and the importance of the AFEI website and conveyed their thanks to all who participated in publishing it.

Attendees discussed the issue of involving the young generation –who will lead the federation in the future- in the activities and meetings.

The BOD awarded AFEI membership to Zarkaa Engineering Co, and Jiad Co. for Trucks (both Sudanese) as of 2008.

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