AFEI General Assembly meeting2009

AFEI General Assembly meeting

Meeting #25 of AFEI general assembly was held in Damascus on 8/6/2009 and chaired by Eng.Said Alhafez on behalf of Mr.Hassanein/Chairman of the BOD who could not join the meeting due to his illness.

The following topics were discussed in the meeting:

–    Annual report for the year 2008

–    Balance sheet for 2008 and budget for 2009

–    Electing the BOD members for the term 2009-2012

–    Delegating the new BOD with the task to prepare a strategy for the federation

–    Honoring Mr.Nabil Hassanein who has acted as Chairman of AFEI BOD for the terms 2002-2005 & 2005-2009

–    Honoring Mr. Rashid Alio on the occasion of his retirement from his position as Director of Arab Federations Division at CAEU.

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