Launching meeting: the Restructuring and Modernization of the Standardization System in Syria

AFEI Secretary General participated in the meeting that was organized by the EU program “Strengthening the Quality Management, Capabilities, and Infrastructure” to launch the initiative of restructuring and modernization of the standardization system in Syria.

Presenters asserted that the standardization system supports national authorities in protecting the public interest (health and safety of citizens, animals, and the environment …etc) through determining an acceptable safety level of products and providing a basis for market surveillance. It also supports the regional and international trade (passports for free movement of goods).

Presentations also showed that standardization strengthens fair competition -through avoiding dumping the market with goods- and increases competition in goods through avoiding the multiplicity of tests and certification of the product. In addition, standardization defines a common basis of the product specifications for authorities, traders and consumers.

The program manager identified the main challenges (legislative, administrative, organizational) facing the restructuring of the Standardization system, and presented the transition plan and change management to establish a national standardization system that is oriented towards market and customers and actively participating in the standardization activities on the regional and international levels.

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