Young Industrialists Committee

Inviting young industrialists (2nd generation: sons or executives in member companies) to join the meetings became a habit since 2006 with the objective to provide them with an opportunity to get introduced to the mentality of the founders. The idea of involving the youth in the public work kept maturing until the late Eng.Abdulhadi Abdulmonem (served as Chairman of the board on June 2009 to August 2011) proposed to institutionalize the process within the frame of the federation with the aim to network between the young industrialists, and deepen the cooperation between themselves in order to train a generation that believes in the Arab collaboration and helps in transferring development and updates in the industrial sector, as well as to prepare them to take responsibilities in the federation.

In October 2009, a “Meeting of the Arab young industrialists” was organized where the second row in the member companies (future leaders) joined. The goal was to create links between young industrialists and the AFEI founders in order to prepare them to hold the responsibilities of developing the federation according to their ideas and the modern development.

The meeting resulted in the formation of “a standing Committee for Young Industrialists” with representatives of all Arab countries (if possible) which should prepare its suggestions about working and connecting with the Federation.

Read about the committee activities:
–    Young Industrialists Committee meeting in Damascus, Syria on 6/3/2010
–    Young Industrialists Committee meeting in Beirut, Lebanon on 2/7/2010

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