Regional Seminar on Strengthening the National Innovation Systems

The regional gtz project “Promotion of Innovation and Technology for SMEs in the Near East” promoted this regional exchange over almost two years. It included the analysis of the national innovation systems in the three partner countries (Egypt, Jordan, & Syria) with the objective to identify weaknesses, strengths and concrete opportunities for further intervention.

The seminar provided the opportunity to demonstrate the result of this comparative analysis, as well as “good practice” insights from other more industrialized countries but especially also the chance to use the presence of the wide variety of experts from the three partner countries to combine their knowledge and learn from each other, and to encourage new ways of interacting and “doing” innovation promotion.

The seminar invited selected speakers who introduced approaches for strengthening innovation systems from an international perspective and experiences, as well as representatives from different institutions responsible of private sector support or innovation policy in the three partner countries where examples of steps taken towards strengthening the national innovation systems were presented.

DIG (member of AFEI) hosted a field trip for participants in its premises, and presented some innovative practices in its companies.

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