Launching conference for TRESMED 4

This project -financed by the European Commission- aims to consolidate channels for collaboration and dialogue amongst the organizations representing economic and social interests all over the Euro-Mediterranean region. Present and actively participating in the launch conference were representatives of the Economic & Social Councils (ESCs) of Morocco, Algeria, Lebanon, and Jordan. Also present were organizations representing civil society from Tunisia, Syria (AFEI General Secretary), Egypt and Palestine.

The conference was structured into three main themes – “Young people, training and social dialogue”, “Women and social dialogue” and “Good practices in the region and regional cooperation”.

The project is working on creating a network between the EU, the countries of the Mediterranean and French-speaking countries to exchange about the reforms, institutional capacity building, and economic growth. Institutionalization of social dialogue is the core of the project activities.

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Program (En)Conclusions (En)AFEI reportPresentation from Syria

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